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Whiskey shots & Cheap cigarettes
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11th-Nov-2013 03:00 pm - It's been a few years...
mika's lotus tattoo
I haven't posted in my journal in years... probably since I was still in high school. I'm currently in my third year of Uni studies... it's kind of crazy reading back on my old entries.

The reason I logged into LJ is because I wanted a place to write down some feelings instead of publishing it through my Facebook or Twitter. I figured, if I felt comfortable sharing some of my most personal, deepest thoughts on here years ago, I should continue to do so despite the length of time since I last updated.

Now, a lot of you on my Flist became my "friends" because of our love for music. My undulating love for music has continued to grow throughout the years and each and every band I see live constantly reaffirms it.

I've seen a plethora of bands since my first Green Day concert in 2005 and since then, my tastes have expanded well into a myriad of generes.

Recently, I've had the pleasure of experiencing Nine Inch Nails live and let me say, their performance has drastically changed my view on live concerts and music in general. I can't say I've been an avid NIN fan since I was young, but I did enjoy their music I heard every now and then. It wasn't until the few months leading up to their concert that I became very much in love with their music.

Experiencing NIN live is a completely new experience even as a regular concertgoer.

Trent Reznor pulls out all the stops for his concerts. Throughout their entire set, Trent made sure to visually stimulate fans with an amazing synchronization of lights and images, each depicting and illustrating unique images based on every song performed. THIS was completely new to me. I've seen pyroeffects and all, and while that's cool, it didn't give off the same atmosphere as NIN.

I think one reason is because Trent is very much a perfectionist. Every note performed, every shadow of light, every added synthesizer is perfected to the T. While at first I was concerned it would distract my attention from the band, let alone the music, it actually ENHANCED the entire performance. It wasn't a gimmick to support the band, but rather add to the experience of NIN.

Another thing I noticed is how Trent performs. He gets lost in his set. Although he portrays a reserved and quiet demeanor, the man loses it onstage. You could tell by his odd dance moves, his focused face expressions, his added vocal harmonies, you can just TELL. And although NIN isn't so much a band, but rather Trent Reznor with hired musicians to help him play all of the instruments, I loved how Trent stepped back into the dark and let his bandmates perform during instrumental portions of songs.

Trent let them do their thing, he trusted them and stepped back, allowing fans to take their eyes off of him and focus on the rest of the band members.

I've reflected on this for quite some time now and it's driving me crazy at how obsessed I've become with this band. This really hasn't happened since I first got into music with Green Day or Dir en grey. I honestly wouldn't call it an obsession, just very much in love with this new music concert experience. It was an entire package. It was something completely new to me and I'm in love.

As much as I still love punk rock and ska music, Trent has opened my eyes to a completely different genre that definitely required an acquired taste on my behalf. Synthesizers and loud confessional music against fast, hard music isn't for everyone, especially when it may sometimes rely on a computer to create percussion or guitar-like sounds. This is the first band that I've fallen in love with that ISN'T guitar driven.

I'm an incredibly thankful human for the mesmerizing performance put on by Trent Reznor and the rest of the NIN crew.
5th-Aug-2008 01:17 am - Welcome!
mika's lotus tattoo

Hello and Welcome to my Journal.
I'll add just about anyone as long as we have some interests in common.

• Some of my favorite bands are Green Day, Dir en grey, and Incubus. My music tastes are extremely diverse and I try to give everything a listen. I'm a music junkie and spend way too much money on band merch and concerts.

• I admire many musicians, burlesque dancers, and artists, and just to name a few: Dita Von Teese, Billie Joe Armstrong, Brandon Boyd, & Audrey Kawasaki.

• Books & Films fascinate me as well. I'm a HUGE Tim Burton (I love his grotesque style!) & Anne Rice fan! ♥ I always joke with my friends saying that I could live in the Borders Bookstore! They have couches, music, books, and coffee. That is the life! xD
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